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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

History of Scott's Valley School Area

As early as 1859, this district was part of the Town of Bridge Creek with a school district which was known as District No. 4 even then.  In May 1868 it was formed into a district by itself and was still No. 4.  The school officers at that time were:  Director -- S. W. Crockett chosen for three years; Treasurer -- Dr. Wm. Young chosen for two years; Clerk -- A. D. Tainter chosen for one year.

Dr. Young was the great grandfather of Mrs. Jack Vinopal and was what was known as a "pill doctor", having attended medical school but not graduating.  Having no physician's license, he could make no charge for services rendered, and, there being no other doctor at that time, he was kept quite busy.  If people chose to pay him, all right and if they didn't it was all right anyway.  He traveled on horseback with his medicine in two saddlebags.  Mrs. Pearl Works, a grand-daughter of Dr. Young, now has those same bags at her home in Augusta.

The old school house stood in the same place the present one stands and was a building with four windows on each side and two doors in front -- one opening into the girl's hall and one into the boys'.  It was built for a summer session for 200 dollars.

The first teacher was Miss Ella Young, hired for three months of summer session at twenty-six dollars a month.  There were thirty-two children in the school and eighteen who were not of school age.  The cash value of the school was now five hundred dollars and the building site twenty-five dollars.

In October 1868 an improvement amounting to eight hundred dollars was made so a winter term of four months could be had.  It was taught by Miss Emma E. Morris.  There were forty-eight children in school and sixty in the district.

I. S. Russell was engaged in 1869 to teach the three months winter and three months summer school.  At this time A. Randall received six dollars per cord for wood and sixty dollars was paid to paint and plaster the school house.

The next to teach in this school was Miss Lucinda Stones in 1870 -- a three months term for winter and two months for the summer.

Chas. Norris taught the next winter term beginning Dec. 5, 1870 and E. Roberts, the four summer months of 1871 -- forty-nine children being in school.

Hattie Goodrich, mother of Mrs. Chas. Livesey was next to teach in the four winter months beginning November 3, 1871, followed by I. G. Bills, Emily Roberts and E. E. Seffens.

In January 1874 the boundary of the district was changed and another district, number 7, was formed, this being known as Thompson Valley.  Later on parts of District No. 8.

Ida G. Waterbury was the next teacher and a man by the name of I. F. Ellis was the County Superintendent.

In 1874 S. R. Anderson taught the school; A. D. Tainter was clerk, his home being where the pea viner is now just east of the old Scott farm on the Three Corners.  Miss Clemantine Muzzy taught in 1875.

D. S. Roberts taught the winter term with S. C. Smith as treasurer.  Miss Lottie Ball followed Mr. Roberts in the next term.

L. C. Humphrey was hired in 1876.  In 1878 a woodshed costing $100.00 was built and wood was bought for $3.00 per cord.

The books used in 1878 were Appleton's Readers, Redpath's, Robinson's Arithmetic and Swinton's Grammar and Speller.

In 1882 N. C. Logan was chosen chairman at the school meeting and $200.00 was raised to be used in repairing and buying seats and desks.

C. W. Scott sawed six cords of wood at seventy cents per cord in 1882, and in 1886 A. D. wage was $26.87½ per cord for twelve inch oak wood and seventy-five cents per cord for twelve inch pine wood.  (Note error in original copy)

S. D. Smith was clerk at this time and thirty-one children attended school, and the average wage was $26.87½ per month.

Harvey Scholfield, the late President of the Eau Claire State Teachers' College taught for about twenty-five dollars per month which included room and laundry.

Mr. William Brown of Augusta who is now ninety-two years old, was a pupil in the School Valley school when he was six years old, and later he moved to the Russell Corner District.  Mr. Brown is the oldest living pupil known.

In early days all of the flour had to be brought from Sparta, a distance of about sixty-four miles now, but much farther in the early days,

What was known as the Good Templar Hall, located on the Young farm, is now the Chapel at the Hales Corner Cemetery.

Mrs. Anna Smith, a great aunt of the Smith children now attending the Scott Valley School, finished high school in 1886, and was County Supt. in 1898.

Mr. John Victory was the first mail carrier for this community, and he used to bring pencils and tablets to the children at school for the pennies and nickels given him the day before.

This past year the enrollment has been fourteen children.

Many names may have been omitted -- this being due to the fact thatt here was no record.  If anyone has anything to add, the information would be much appreciated by the teacher, Mrs. Ethel Osborn, who has spent much time in compiling the above history of the Valley.


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