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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

The History of Green Meadow Area

By the upper grades

The first meeting of Lincoln District No. 6, was held in August 1874.  A discussion about building a schoolhouse was held.  Mr. Chase acted as chairman for the meeting and was elected clerk.  Mr. Horel was elected secretary, for the first meeting.

Miss Stone was the teacher for the first term, which was six months.  She was given $200 wages for the entire term.

In 1875 the school term was changed from six months to seven months.

The school records show that in 1879 the term was divided into a winter and summer term.  The winter term started in the last part of October or the first part of November and ended in March.  A man teacher had charge of this term.  The summer term began in April and lasted until June.  For this term a woman teacher was hired.

According to the school records, the first library was started in 1893.  But we have found some books in the library that date back to the 1880s.

Twenty-four new desks were placed in the school in 1894.  In 1895 the district furnished the school with textbooks, bought a teacher's desk, a flag and also installed blackboards.

From looking over the minutes of the school meetings for the period of 1874 to 1900, we think that the main topics for discussion, at these meetings, were how much wood was needed for the coming year and when school should start.

In 1907 eight months of school were held, with a female teacher at the controls.

One hour of German was taught every day in 1910.  In 1911 the district purchased some German books.  We weren't able to find out when teaching of German was discontinued.

In 1913, the district began thinking about building a new schoolhouse.  That year $200 were raised for this purpose.  The new building was to be 22 by 38 feet.

In 1915, $200 was put into the building fund and also the same amount was put into the fund in 1918.  The new schoolhouse was built shortly after this.  Hugo Polinske was in charge of the building.

Our School Today (May 1948)

Our school term usually starts in August or the first part of September, rather than in October or November, as it did when the school was first started.

The school term is also nine months now instead of six, as was held in 1874.  We usually have two days vacation for thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas.  Then we also have Good Friday off.

The officers now in charge of the school district are Elmer Kaeding, clerk; Herman Krenz, treasurer; and Frank Westphal, director.

We have been thinking how we could improve our schoolhouse and surroundings.  We have come to the conclusion that we need a new clock, because ours runs only a few minutes and then stops.  We need a new stove because our stove smokes quite often.  Our nickname for the stove is "Smoky".

It would be more fun studying geography if we had a new globe, it would help make our lessons clearer too.  The globe which we have is so old that it is almost impossible to read the names on it.

Take our health into consideration it might be wise to have more screens for the windows, so that we could open more windows in the spring and fall.  The schoolhouse should have the walls cleaned and painted.  We would like to have it painted a light green, because green is restful to the eyes.  We need a filing cabinet to put our bulletins in.

We think the doors should swing out, in cae of fire it would be easier to get out.

Some of us think we need a bigger school yard, many times when we play ball, the ball goes into the field.  The ball ground is also too close to the buildings.

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