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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

History of Fall Creek School District

Fall Creek  is located twelve miles east of Eau Claire on Highway 12.  It is a small town which was once nicknamed "Little Germany".

It began in 1850 when a group of families came in canvas covered wagons drawn by oxen.  These settlers did not build houses, but dug holes in hillsides.  Later cabins were built.

A small dam was built on the creek, thus forming a pond.  The dam provided power for the mill.  This saw mill was one of the first buildings to be built in Fall Creek.  It was operated by Ed. Gessner.

The original elevator of Fall Creek, which is now occupied by the Fall Creek Cooperative Grain and Produce Company, was constructed in 1876 by the firm of Zimmerman and Zeidler.  From then until 1910 it was operated by the Bartz brothers.  In the year 1910, a group of 125 farmers formed a stock company and purchased it.  

Fifty-seven years ago, back in 1891, the first creamery was built in Fall Creek.  Later, in 1912, a new plant was erected.  It was originally a private enterprise known as the Fall Creek Creamery Company, but about 1930, it became a cooperative.  The original creamery, long since discarded, kept a pen of hogs to which the buttermilk, then a waste product was fed.  They were then sold to add to the plants income.

The Fall Creek volunteer fire department was organized in 1921.  In recent years when the alarm was sounded the first eight men to arrive took the truck to the fire.  The firemen were paid for the runs they made.

The first school house was built in 1867.  Additions were made as pupils increased in number.  The first principal was Bradley H. Hackett.

There were two German Lutheran Churches.  One was formed in 1873 by the Rev. Julius Frieddried.  The other was established in 1884 by Rev.Carl Baumback.

A post office was opened in 1871, after the railroad was built.  No mail was distributed until then.  The railroad was completed in 1860, and is still running in about the same location as it was then.

Our first dentist was Michael Kaeding.  He pulled teeth, but could not fill them.

The population was 450 in 1890, while the population today is 600 or more.

Fall Creek was first named "Cousins", in honor of a man in Eau Claire.  Later it was named Fall Creek because of the creek that flows through it.

by 7 & 8 Grades, Fall Creek Public, Virginia Roycraft

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