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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

History of Candy Corners Area
In 1848-49 when Wisconsin was a very new region, William Swift took a steamer up the Mississippi River to St. Paul, and walked through North Central Wisconsin.  He was in search of a homestead but wasn't satisfied with any of the regions he saw.  The location he liked best was what is now the Langdel farm.  In 1854 he returned and set up his homestead there.  During this same period about 1851, Charles Betz walked from Sparta and settled on the Betz farm.

Most of the original settlers of this district were Civil War veterans who took up homesteads after the war.  May of them were not interested in farming so progress was slow until others took over the farms.  The first settlers on the following farms were:

Joe Hunt
Dr. Henry Whippert
Andrew Powers
Peterson family
Noah McClean
George Meade
J. D. Fiske
John Stanton
Wm. Swift
Wm & Guse Hawkhurst
Alfred Webber
Haydens and Gus Betz
Betz Brothers (Charles & Frank)
McRaes family

The McRae farm is now run by a grandson of Duncan McRae, Archie McRae.  Peterson's farm is now being run by Otto Peterson. The Dahl farm is still in the same family.  Chris Dahl left his father's farm and worked for the railroad company until 1904 when he returned to farm. He now lives on the farm which is operated by his son Herman.

These people found a sandy loam soil well covered with white and black oak timber.  There were also numerous swamps with tamarack trees.  A small creek later called West Creek ran northeast across the region.  This was named West Creek after Charley West who settled on the Louis Spehli farm.

The original road is still in use as County Trunk Z.  In 1946 this ws raised and ditched.  There were several old roads west of the schoolhouse, one of which was used by the Mondovi - Eau Claire Stage Coach.  This stage ran until around 1885.  It was driven for many years by Ed. Raimend and later by Holmes.  The last drivers name was McFarland.

Wisconsin was only twenty-six years old when the Candy Corners School was built.  The present centrally located position was chosen and the building erected by Mr. Fiske in the year of 1874.  It was necessary to haul materials from Porterville, a distance of seven miles.  The first school board was George Betz and Andrew Powers.  It was then called the Powers School.  The first teacher was Jessie McWan.  Grace McClean later taught there.

The name Candy Corners originated from a small store on the four corners south of the school.  It was built in 1888 by Jothani Sewell Garnett.  It was later run by Shafer Burrel.  In later years Henry Krogstad, well known as "Hank" ran it.  When he quit the store Fred Garnett ran it.  By this time "37" was paved and people had good means of transportation to Eau Claire.  It was no longer profitable to run a store and in 1943 it was torn down.  The store site is still owned by Fred Garnett.

By 1900 the people felt a need for a church in the district.  Arrangements were made and a building bought and moved from Porterville by Mr. Wagnild.  The first minister was Mr. Wadalh.  The church is still at the same location and is called Trinity Lutheran and combines a group of Norwegian and German Lutherans.  Rev. Herbert Juneau of Eau Claire is the pastor.

The Brunswick town hall was built in 1914 when John Krogstad was chairman.  It is located at the corner of County Trunk Z where it turns south to the schoolhouse.  It was allowed to go to ruin through apparent lack of interest until 1946 when it was repaired.  It is now used for many community gatherings.

The first electric lights in the district were provided when the R. E. A. built a line in from the North.  Helwigs, Nelsons, Haydens and Gus Betz wired at this time.

There is very little telephone service in this district.  The Eau Claire line was discontinued due to the expense of moving poles when Highway 37 was changed.  The Rock Falls Co. serves where there are telephones.

The U. S. mail was first delivered in 1901 by bicycle.   We now have a mail route from Eau Claire and had the honor of the first airplane delivery to Fred Garnetts last spring.  It was made by Harry Larson in a plane piloted by Lyman Smith.

The Candy Corners region now lies in a thriving farming country and characterizes a very friendly spirit among good neighbors.

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