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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

History of Brackett School Area

Peter Adams came to Brackett in 1854.  He lived on the farm that Leo Michels now operates.  A year later Peter Haas the second settler came to Brackett.  Christian Winestock was the third settler and Germann Jackson, Gootbelly and Gutlip were other early settlers.  You still can see some buildings that Winestock built.  Jackson lived where Vergil Durst lives now.  He broke the first land in Brackett.  In early days farming around here was limited to raising wheat.  The wheat had to be hauled to Sparta.  Highway fifty-three was once called Sparta Road.  Later it was called highway eleven.  When wheat raising was no longer a profit they started dairying.  We still have dairying in Our Badger State.

The Parker Inn was started in 1870 in the settlement of Brackett.  Brackett got its name from the post master in Eau Claire whose name was Brackett.  Mrs. Mayer worked at the Parker Inn.  The Parker Inn wass located ont eh west side of highway fifty-three southwest of the store.  Part of the Parker Inn can still be seen in Herman Hoehn's pasture.  Brackett is twelve miles south of Eau Clarie on highway fifty-three.  The Inn was a stopping place for travelers in stage coach and a feeding place for horses and people.  The Inn also had a postoffice, with Herman Hoehn Sr. Postman.  Herman Hoehn Sr. still lives in Brackett.  The Inn had a dance hall on the second floor.  The Inn had the first telephone which was used by everyone.

Louis Bruckner was the first one to have a blacksmith shop where it is now.  Mr. Bruckner came from Austria.  He decided to have a shop down here.  Mr. Bruckner started to run the shop in 1898.  There used to be one farther south than the one that is here now.  The old school is a part of the present blacksmith shop.

This district was organized in 1859.  This district used to be number one, now it's number nine.  Alexander Maggette was the first superintendent of schools in district number nine.  The first Brackett School was located south of the Catholic Church.  Then the school was built across from where Art Haas lives now, next it was moved to the place where Leo Michels driveway is now.  In 1904 they built the school which we go to now.  When Mrs. Bruckner went to school all the children went together and scrubbed the hard pine floors on their hands and knees.  They didn't have stoves or furnaces like we have now, they just had box-stoves.  When she was in the primary grades they used Appleton books.  Later they used Syrs.  They played the same games then as we do now.  Sara Barrett, Clara Butler, Mary Swift, Anna Plunk, Louise Small and Anna Bell Hohle were some of the earliest teachers.  Sara Barrett, now Mrs. Peter Haas, still lives in this community.

The first store was located where Esther Seig's gas station is now.  It was owned by an Irishman.  Other early grocer men were Joe Zook and Louis Smare.  The second store was located where the tavern is now.  At one time ther was a feed mill in that building.  The third one was built by Herman Hoehn.  This store is now operated by Steve Pederson.  After Herman Hoehn Sr. retired, his son took over the business, but later sold out to Henry Whelihan.  Howard Turner and Phil Sliefer also operated the store for short periods.

In 1889 the creamery was started in Brackett.  Messrs. Hanky and Emerson built the creamery.  This creamery was doing good business for a while.  All at once they lost their business, then it was sold out a few times.  Later it was organized into a co-operative creamery.  The creamery never did have very much business and finally closed.  Soon afterwards the building was torn down.  You can still see where it stood.  It stood near the driveway of Morgan Nelson's home.

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