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"Eau Claire County History, 1949"

History of Bowman School Area

The Bowman School District has developed into a community of much importance to the Nation, State, County and District, all through the noble efforts of the early pioneers.

One pioneer who is still living on his home farm, and is the oldest living early settler of the District is Elias Tellstrom, who with his parents immigrated to the community from Sweden.

The Tellstroms, with other pioneers who settled here, were people who knew what it is to come to a locality with hardships facing them, but yet, through sincere faith, and love for their families, homes, and community, religion, education, and industry have developed in its midst.

About Civil War days the Wards and Hills settled here.  A Bowman family moved here from Porter Mills and settled on the farm, part of which is the present school yard.  The present school is called the Bowman School, evidently in recognition of the Bowman family. This is not the first school structure, the former one faced south, and when the new road route was changed, the school house was built to face the north.  Part of the first building is a part of the Marten Pederson present home.

Mrs. Culbert, a Bowman girl and who is living on Omaha Street in Eau Claire, gave a very interesting talk at our Community Club meeting in February.  She taught the Bowman School at one time and some of her pupils live in the district, namely Anton Nelson and Marten Anderson, possibly others, too.

Mrs. Culbert made her talk so very amusing, she told of an incident on the way to their new home in this community.  They traveled by horse and wagon.  She said she remembers they had a pet bird with them and their dog.  The bird got out of his cage and flew away.  Before long, the dog comes with the bird unharmed, in his mouth, to her delight.  She was a very little girl then.  She remarked, "I am sure you don't raise dogs like that now."

Mrs. Culbert stressed the cooperation of the people, how neighbornly they were and how much they looked forward to gatherings held in the school house, religious and community meetings.

Mrs. Culbert said Lucy A. Pregeant was County Supt. when she started to school.

A register dated as far back as 1887 displays much interest, the early day school meetings, etc.

Minutes of July 5, 1887, states that school will open October first, and that there will be six months of school during the year, three in summer and three in winter.  The teacher received twenty-five dollars per month.  John Culbert was District Clerk at that meeting.  The Treasurer, John Bowman and the Clerk, John Culbert, got $2.50 a year for services rendered.

The census of 1889, show the following families living in the community, John Culbert, James Vance, John Ward, Amos Ward, Wm. Galey, B. Sherman, R. Martinson, Nels Nelson, Carl Tellstrom, Alfred Clark, Nels Swanson and John Bowman.

Here is a list of former teachers of the Bowman School, which may not be complete, but it is the only list available:  Victoria Buttler, Miss S. J. Tyler, Miss J. M. McVicar, Anna Sewell, Cora Drake, Anna Bowman, Ethel Shepler, F. M. Bull, Thelma Oien, Amanda Brandan, Adda Wallum, Ella Tellstrom, Myrtle Gibson, Agnes Barland McDaniels, now living in Eau Claire.

More recent ones having taught there are, Lillian Porter Zahn, Fred Weggen, Dorothy Livingston, Myrtle Stamphill and the present teacher, A. Sofie Rone.

Pupils attending the school now relate about how their parents and grandparents once went to Bowman School, and tales passed on to them by their parents and grandparents.

The Bowman School Community is a progressive district.

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