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"History of Eau Claire County Wisconsin, 1914, Past and Present"

Chapter  33 - Eau Claire Business Houses

List of Merchants and Businesses

(-as transcribed from pages 461 - 465)

It is not our purpose to write up each individual business house of Eau Claire, but from the following list of business people it will be seen that the city of Eau Claire is well represented in every line of commercial life and business that is to be found in any city of the country, and in some instances the stocks of goods carried by the merchants are as large and well assorted as those carried by merchants in cities twice the size of Eau Claire.  The following is a list so far as we know of all the business enterprises in the city:
  • Automobiles and garages - Jordan Auto Company, Oshkosh Motor Company, Tanberg Auto Company, Chippewa Valley Auto Company, Alfred Johnson, Taylor Motor Car Company.
  • Bakers - Charles E. Chrysler, the Home Bakery, Smith Baking Company, Andrew Stensland, Egg-O-Baking Powder Company.
  • Banks - Eau Claire National Bank, Eau Claire Savings Bank, Union National Bank, Union Savings Bank.
  • Barber shops - Seventeen in number.
  • Blacksmith shops - Three.
  • Eau Claire Bedding Company, manufactures.
  • Eau Claire Sheet Metal Works, Dunphy Boat Manufacturing Company, Eau Claire Boiler Works, Eau Claire Book Bindery, Eau Claire Book & Stationery Company.
  • Boots and shoes - Iver Anderson Shoe Company, Howard L. Culver, Ole Dahl, Economy Shoe Store, H. Hanson & Co.
  • Seventeen boot and shoe repair shops.
  • Two box factories - The Empire and the Linderman Box & Veneer Company.
  • One brewery - John Walter Company.
  • Three broom manufacturers - John Dickerson, Wenzel Broom Company and Randall & Charles.
  • W. W. Bartlett, contractor.
  • Twelve carpenters contractors - Colver N. Bostwick, Emmet L. Chaput, Birney A. Churchill, Lucius P. Crandall, James H. Curtis, Edward P. Dagenhardt, Oliver N. Everson, Herman Hartzfeldt, William Hartzfeldt, Carl Pederson, Andrew Sims.
  • Six cement contractors - William T. Andres, Alvin L. Fletcher, Hans Halverson, Andrew Larson, John Lewis, Herbert S. Palmer.
  • Eight general contractors - S. M. & C. M. Daney, Chippewa Valley Construction Company, Eau Claire Construction Company, the E. M. Fish Company, Hoeppner Bartlett Company, William Palmer, Henry Weinstock, Western Construction Company.
  • Three mason contractors - George Barnum, Christian Ornodth, William Reinhard.
  • Ten painting contractors - Badger State Art Company, E. Chris Berg, Bing & Wold, Oscar E. Carlson, Enos S. Culver, Eau Claire Decorating Company, Benjamin Fawler, Sevald O. Lund, William P. Smith, Arthur H. Weiland.
  • Eau Claire Creamery Company; M. J. Wigman, manufacturer of Crispettes; Richard F. Kaiser, dealer in crockery.
  • Fifteen dentists - Edwin E. Ames, Wallace R. Anderson, Roy W. Bingham, Gustavus A. Clark, Guy E. Clark, Stephen A. Douglas, Edward C. French, Charles T. Lewiston, Victor V. Mason, William J. Moe, George M. Moore, William J. Newell, Edward F. Sommermeyer, James E. Waldron, Frank B. Wrigglesworth.
  • Three carpet weavers - Mrs. Isabelle Anderson, Richard Kashshek and Amund Stanwick.
  • Two carriage makers - William Bonnell and Peter Girnan & Sons Co.
  • China decorator - Mrs. Mae B. Howe.
  • Nine cigar manufacturers - Julius Derge, Herman F. Gerke, Conrad Feige, Daniel Hinrichs, Korn Brothers, William F. Lieske, Louis Rheim, Fred Stussy, West & Walterdorf.
  • Thirteen clothiers - Ashuler Brothers, Campen Clothing Company, The Continental, Eau Claire Clothing Company, Andrew H. Hollen, The Ideal, Klassens, Svend Lund & Co., R. J. McDonald & Co., Albert M. Nelson, Rosenthal-Coplan & Co., Louis Running & Co., Sorley & Buckholtz.
  • Coal and wood dealers - Evans-Lee Company, Farmers' Cooperative Products Company, LaForest Newell, Frank Reinherd, Alfred H. Stevens, Wisconsin Pipe & Fuel Company.
  • Confectioners - R. L. Meader Company, manufacturers and wholesale dealers.  Confectioners, retail - John Abdellah, Mason Barnhardt, Boosalis Stamatakos & Co., Anton Cassutt, August Drabout, Mrs. Georgis Gallagher, Grubers' Confectionery, Home Bakery, Charles Johnson, Vara Kimpton, Mrs. Kate McKeon, Olympia Candy Company, Mrs. Mary Rathke, Dor Smith, Henry Stonwick, Mrs. Anna Steady, William Thompson, John F. Wiseman.
  • Druggists - Otto J. Boberg, Arthur J. Branstad, Cass Drug Store, Charles B. Curran, Fred H. Gadsby (two stores) William C. Johnson, Mrs. Jeannette S. Kinnear, John N. Neher, Wallace L. Nichols, Lars L. Urheim.
  • Dry cleaners - Eau Claire Dry Cleaners, Huebsch Laundry Company, Simon Rosenberg.
  • Dry goods - Robert Jacobs, Mrs. Julia Kahn, The Kepler Company, John Oyaas, William Samuelson Dry Goods Company.
  • Furniture dealers - Keller & Co., Albert Larson, Augustus V. Mayhew, Wiklem, Olson & Co., Williams Furniture Company, The Phoenix Furniture Manufacturing Company, Pioneer Furniture Company, mill.
  • Furs and furriers - Charles Alber and Samuel Gelhaar.
  • Eau Claire Gas Light Company.
  • General stores - Arthur T. Hoffman, Josephine Keller and John H. Moen.
  • Granite and marble works - Eau Clarie Granite Works, National Granite Company, George E. Richardson.
  • Greenhouses - Oakdale Greenhouses, Bluedorn, Lauritzen, Demmler, West Eau Claire Greenhouse.
  • Grocery stores - Ole Anderson, Borgen & Aune, S. Breck Bostwick, Thomas Cahill, Michael Carroll, John L. Christopherson, Thomas F. Conley, Felix Derouin, John H. Dickson, Christ B. Everson, Thomas F. Fennessy, Mrs. Mary E. Flynn, Howard W. Foster, Anna M. Frederick, Andrew Frederickson, Gilbert Brothers & Reslock, Peter J. Haas, Halverson, Lewis & Co., Allen Hanson, Mrs. Alma B. Hepburn, Earl W. Holmes, Mrs. Emma Holt, John J. Hunner, Ole P. Gaeger, Christian Johnson, Ole H. Johnson, Karm & Bachman, E. Krueger & Son, Ernest A. Kruger, August Kuhlman, Jr., Paul LaLonde, George A. Lemke, Lind & Co., Allen L. Lofte, Michael Miley, Royal B. Moore, George J. Neher, A. Nelson & Co., Christopher Nelson, Mrs. Theresa Neurer, Harry Olson, Thorton O. Opsata, Charles Pelletier, Hans Peterson, Edward W. Pond, F. W. Regh & Co., Christ Sather, Sayner's Grocery, Adelbert Sly, Stillman J. Smith, L. H. Starkey & Co., John Storseth, Mrs. Christian Thompson, Ingebret Thompson, Frank M. Tusken, John Westlund.
  • Wholesale grocers - Eau Claire Company, the H. T. Lange Company.
  • Hardware dealers - Burnham-Benson Hardware Company, Foss-Armstrong Hardware Company, Louis J. Hanson, Hartman J. Kohlhepp, Mrs. Alvina Madinsky, John Oyaas, Schlieve Brothers, Laurson Automatic Pump Company.
  • Harnessmakers - John Fischer, Thomas Hutchinson, Henry B. Koppelberger, William G. McCumber, William A. Schroeder, Schwahn-Seyberth Saddlery Company, John Zimmerman.
  • Horseshoers - James Bonnell, Charles A. Evens, John Holum, Louis Knudson, John A. Swanson, Willkom & Jensen.
  • Hotels - American House, Fred Beauregard, Bunce House, Central Hotel, Commercial Hotel, the Eau Claire House, the Galloway, Hobart House, Hotel Dixon, Hotel Ritzinger, Kneer House, McAllister House, Norway House, Opheim's Hotel Skandinavian Hotel, Union House.
  • Jewelers - Harry Abramson, Fred Berg, Fleming Brothers, John Holt, Chester A. Roe, Oluf Sherman, Harry F. Vanderbie.
  • Laundries, five - American Laundry Company, Huebsch Laundry Company, Quong Kee, Star Laundry, Yep Shin.
  • Livery stables, six - William W. Craig, Adolph Erickson, James A. Grinsel, James L. McCann, George Oleson, Quigg Brothers.
  • Lumber manufacturers and dealers - Davis & Starr Lumber Company, Evans-Lee Company, O. H. Ingram Company, John H. Kaiser Lumber Company, Louis Levy, New Dallas Lumber Company, Northwestern Lumber Company, John S. Owen Lumber Company, Steven & Jarvis Lumber Company.
  • Machine shops - Peter A. Drake, Eau Claire Mill Supply Company, Alfred J. Johnson, McDonough Manufacturing Company, Northwestern Steel & Iron Works, Phoenix Manufacturing Company, A. E. White Machine Works.
  • Meat markets - Betz & Erity, Julius Blasius, George Buhulz, Robert Conrad, Ole A. Faestad, John Fredin, Goethal Brothers, Henry Gust, Fred Kleiner, William H. Kleiner, Paul LaLande, James H. Looly, John P. Meyer, Albert F. Schwalm, Seyberth & Neuser, Mo. O. Soley & Sons.
  • Wholesale meats - Drummond Packing Company, Swift & Co.
  • Men's furnishers - The Continental, Henry Duerst, The Ideal, Johnson & Hulcatt [sic], Daniel Karm, Wear-U-Well Shoe Company.
  • Milliners - Mrs. Frankie Dalton, Arthur T. Hoffman, Frances Kahn, Mrs. H. S. Palmer, J. & L. Ribison, Mrs. Fay Schmidt, Mrs. Jessie Shipman, Ida Sonin, Anna Thompson.
  • Musical merchandise - The Allen-Johnson Company, Sarah E. Coon, W. E. Steinberg Piano Company.
  • Notions - Independent Five and Ten-Cent Store, S. S. Kresge, Walter Tausch, F. W. Woolworth.
  • Plumbers - Bartingale Company, August Burkart, William D. Craney, Fred E. Grosvald, Gunderman & Wing, William H. Heideman, Charles Mitchell, Andrew Moe, Henry T. Triggs.
  • Printers - Ashbaugh Printing Company, Eagle Printing Company, Eau Claire Press Company, F. T. Meggett Company, Pauly Printing House, James H. Tifft.
  • Refrigerator Manufacturing Companies - Atlas Manufacturing Company, Cold Storage Refrigerator Company, Wisconsin Refrigerator Company.
  • Restaurants - James M. Charles, William Cleghorn, Mrs. Anna Cook, Mrs. Orpha J. Fryslie, Mrs. Anna Gillet, Harlam W. Hatch, Home Bakery Lunch Room, Henry L. Horrigan, Conrad Johns, Jacob Klein, Yon Lee, Frank McLaren, Mortimer McMillan, Robert Perry, Martha Radinske, C. H. Shaver, News Company, Omaha Depot, Michael Weber.
  • Photographers - Benjamin S. Ahlquist, George Claus, Electric Studio, Andrew C. Isaacs, Carl G. Johnson & Co., Charles Lewis, Arthur B. Nelson, Rasmus G. Shaker.
  • Tailors - Peter W. Beck, Hjalmar E. Berg, Syver Bergset, John Barton, Edward J. Brunner, Martin Christianson, John Hanck, Jens Hanshus, John Horrigan, The Ideal, Otto A. Johnson, Korger Brothers, Martin Oleson, Peter Peterson, Simon Rosenberg, Albert E. Ulrich.
  • Tea and coffee stores - Grand Union Tea Company, Home Tea Company, Edward Syverson.
  • Telephone companies - Chippewa County Telephone Company, Tri-State Telephone Company, Wisconsin Telephone Company.
  • Theaters - Grand Opera House, Lyric, Orpheum, Rex, Star, Unique.
  • Tinsmiths - Harry C. Austin, George Fraley, John Schimanski,, William A. Standen.
  • Undertakers - Alexander Dean, Fleming & Son, Lenmark & Son, Robert H. Stokes.
  • Upholsterers - Norman Bailey, Frank H. Button, August Hansen.
  • Wagon Makers - Louis Knudson, Moldenhauer & Damm, Tietz & Guenther.

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