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"History of Eau Claire County Wisconsin, 1914, Past and Present"

Chapter  12 - Eagle Post, G. A. R.

by L. A. Brace

Eagle Post, No. 52, Department of Wisconsin, G. A. R.

(-as transcribed from pages 193 - 197)

Eagle Post takes its name from "Old Abe," the war eagle, which was carried through the war by Company C of the Eighth Wisconsin Infantry, Victor Wolf, captain, after the death of Capt. J. E. Perkins, its first commander. Eagle Post was organized on the eighth day of November, A. D. 1882, with thirteen charter members. E. M. Bartlett, who served as lieutenant Colonel of the Thirteenth Wisconsin, was elected its first commander, with Bentley S. Phillips its first adjutant. Since organization there has been added to the post by muster and transfer 427 members. Lost by death, transfer and other causes, 337, still leaving a membership of 104. 

Eagle Post has always held a position in the front rank of the state department, has had the honor of giving two department commanders, Michael Griffin and Charles H. Henry, two adjutant generals in the persons of George A. Barry and R. B. Rathbun, and senior and junior vice commander in the person of L. A. Brace. Eagle Post has been highly favored and owes much to the Women's Relief Corps, No. 20, for its successful growth and present prosperous condition, which is evidenced by the regular attendance of so many comrades, several of whom are past the eightieth milestone.

The following named comrades served as commanders for the years indicated in the roster:

1882-1883, E. M. BARTLETT 
1884, M. GRIFFIN 
1885, L. A. BRACE 
1886, M. GRIFFIN 
1887, E. J. FARR 
1888, L. P. HOTCHKISS 
1889, George A. BARRY 
1890, R. H. CHUTE 
1891, M. GRIFFIN 
1892, George M. WITHERS 
1893, A. W. MUNGER 
1894, William PALMER 
1895, W. H. NICHOLS 
1896, S. G. CHURCH 
1897, E. M. BARTLETT 
1898, J. F. McGRATH 
1899, Henry SPAULDING 
1900, C. N. BOSTWICK 
1901, Austin CHRISLER 
1903, C. H. HENRY 
1904, E. W. ALLEN 
1906, Jerre MURPHY 
1906, J. M. JEWETT 
1907, A. J. CHEESBRO 
1908, J. M. BOTSFORD 
1909, L. A. BRACE 
1910, J. F. ELLIS 
1911, R. B. RATHBUN 
1912, E. G. JORDON

The following members were enrolled in Eau Claire Co. for the year 1912, with their company and regiment:
    • ALLEN, William - Company A, Seventeenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BAGLEY, George - Company B, Sixteenth Maine Infantry
    • BAILEY, William F. - Company K, Ninety-fifth New York Infantry
    • BANISTER, George F. - Company L, Second Wisconsin Cavalry
    • BARLAND, John C. - Company H, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BATZOLD, Frederick - Company G, Twenty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • BEARDSLEY, G. L. - Company F, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BIESECKER, W. H. - Company A, Twentieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BOSTWICK, G. N. - Company H, Sixtieth New York Infantry
    • BOTSFORD, J. M. - Company E, Thirteenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BOWMAN, Thomas 0. - Company E, Eighteenth Illinois Infantry
    • BOYD, Robert K. - Company H, Eleventh Minnesota Infantry
    • BRACE, L. A. - Company K, Twenty-eighth New York Infantry
    • BREWER, R. N. - Company B, One Hundred and Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry
    • BRITTON, George W. - Company G, Seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • BRITTON, Willis - Company I, Fiftieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BROWN, Benjamin W. - Company H, Twenty-ninth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BROWN, Charles E. - Company I, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • BRUCE, Charles E. - Company A, Fourteenth Maine Infantry
    • BUFFINGTON, C. H. - Company (unknown), One Hundred and Forty-seventh Illinois Infantry
    • BUTLER, Henry W. - Company K, Thirty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry
    • CASTLE, Benjamin N. - Company G, First Wisconsin Cavalry
      CHEESBRO, Jerome A. - Company I, One Hundred and Thirty-sixth New York Infantry
    • CHURCHILL, George W. - Company A, Ninety-second Illinois Infantry
    • CHUTE, R. H. - Company F, Fifty-ninth Massachusetts Infantry
    • CLEGHORN, J. G. - Company H, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • CRAIG, John - Company (unknown), Tenth Wisconsin Light Artillery
    • CRANDALL, L. P. - Company (unknown), First New York Dragons
    • CRANIE, John - Company K, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • CRANSTON, J. F. - Company (unknown), Twelfth Illinois Infantry
    • CRISLER, Austin - Company G, Forty-second Wisconsin Infantry
    • CULVER, Enos S. Jr. - Company G, Thirty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry
    • DEMAREST, J. B. - Company C, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • DICKEY, A. N. - Company K, Third Iowa
    • DICKEY, A. N. - Company B, Forty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry
    • ELLIS, J. F. - Company K, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • FARR, Edwin J. - Company (unknown), Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • FERRIS, Frank - Company I, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • FLAGLER, Ira - Company G, Fortieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • FORT, David H. - Company G, Fifth New York Artillery
    • GARNET, A. S. - Company D, Eighty-fifth New York Infantry
    • GEBHARD, Peter - Company L, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry
    • GOODWIN, J. H. - Company K, Second Iowa Cavalry
    • GRANT, James D. - Company D, Sixth New York Heavy Artillery
    • GREEN, John S. - Company E, Ninety-third New York Infantry
    • HAAS, Peter - Company A, Third Wisconsin Infantry
    • HACKETT, Patrick A. - Company K, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HALL, William - Company C, Twentieth Indiana Infantry
    • HALLAS, George P.  - Company B, Forty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • HATHAWAY, A. C. - Company F, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HAZEN, Dwight L. - Company K, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HAZEN, James H. - Company G, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HENRY, Charles H. - Company K, Twenty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HILL, Thomas J. - Company C, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • HUBBELL, Melvin - Company H, Seventh Iowa Cavalry
    • HUSSEY, Edward H. - Company C, One Hundred and Eighth Ohio Infantry
    • HUSSEY, Edward H. - Company D, Second Ohio Infantry
    • IVES, G. K. - Company H, Ninth Maine Infantry
    • JEWETT, J. M. - Company (unknown), Twelfth Wisconsin Battery
    • JOHNSON, Lafayette - Company A, Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry
    • JOHNSON, Lafayette - Company G, Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry
    • JOHNSON, Lorenzo - Company F, Thirty-first United States C. T.
    • JONES, John A. - Company I, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • JONES, John A. - Company C, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • JORDAN, E. G. - Company (unknown), seaman gunboat "Pontiac"
    • JORDAN, E. G.  - Company B, First Maine Heavy Artillery
    • LANCASTER, L. L. - Company L, Second Wisconsin Cavalry
    • LAYCOCK, Henry - Company C, Eighth Illinois Cavalry
    • LINTON, George - Company D, Fifteenth New York Cavalry
    • LITTLE, L. W. - Company E, Fourth Iowa Cavalry
    • LORD, William - Company I, Sixth Maine Infantry
    • LORENZ, John  - Company B, Twenty-ninth Indiana Infantry
    • MAHONEY, John - Company E, Forty-seventh Wisconsin Cavalry
    • MANCHESTER, Abram - Company K, Ninth Maine Cavalry
    • MITCHELL, Henry  - Company B, First Iowa Cavalry
    • MUNGER, A. W.  - Company B, One Hundred and Eighty-fourth Pennsylvania Infantry
    • MURPHY, Jerre  - Company B, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry
    • NEWMAN, Charles E. - Company (unknown), Eighth Wisconsin Battery
    • NIBLETT, James H. - Company A, Twelfth Michigan Infantry
    • OLIN, Mannum - Company G, Forty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • PAGE, Martin - Company A, Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • PALMER, Edward P. - Company H, Two Hundred and Sixth Pennsylvania Infantry
    • PEPPER, John - Company I, One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Illinois Infantry
    • PICKETT, Martin - Company H, Eleventh United States Infantry
    • PIXLEY, James M. - Company (unknown), Second Vermont Battery
    • PLEMON, Jerry  - Company B, First Wisconsin Cavalry
    • POPE, James - Company F, Forty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • POWELL, Thomas - Company L, Second Wisconsin Cavalry
    • PRINK, E. A. - Company E, First Wisconsin Cavalry
    • QUINLAN, Joseph - Company I, One Hundred and Thirty-second Pennsylvania Infantry
    • RANOUS, John G. - Company G, Sixteenth Wisconsin Infantry
    • RATHBUN, R. B. - Company I, Fortieth New York Infantry
    • ROCKWOOD, Theo. H. - Company I, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry
    • RORIG, John C. - Company K, Sixth United States Infantry
    • RUSSELL, Sidney A. - Company H, Fiftieth Wisconsin Infantry
    • SCHIMEAN, Joseph - Company I, Fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • SEAMAN, Charles A. - Company G, One Hundred and Thirty-seventh New York Infantry
    • SEMICH, Julius - Company A, Twenty-sixth Wisconsin Infantry
    • SHERMAN, A. M. - Company L, Second Wisconsin Cavalry
    • SKEELS, Herbert - Company G, Thirteenth New York Infantry
    • SMALL, William - Company K, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin Infantry
    • SMITH, Martin L.  - Company B, Third Minnesota Infantry
    • STEADY, H. J.  - Company B, Thirty-fifth Wisconsin Infantry
    • STEADY, H. J. - Company K, First Wisconsin Infantry
    • STEINFORT, Charles - Company G, Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • STEVENS, W. E. - Company K, Twelfth Michigan Infantry
    • STILWELL, Z. B. - Company I, Forty-second Wisconsin Infantry
    • STOCKING, H. M. - Company G, Forty-eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • STRASBURG, Charles - Company C, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • SULLIVAN, Thomas C. - Company H, Sixth New Hampshire Infantry
    • SWARTZ, George H. - Company G, One Hundred and Fourth Pennsylvania Infantry
    • TANNER, Henry F. - Company A, Sixtieth New York Infantry
    • TURNER, George - Company A, Fourth Wisconsin Cavalry
    • VEITSCH, Charles - Company A, Fifty-first Wisconsin Infantry
    • VERMILYEA, Charles - Company H, Twenty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • VERMILYEA, Joseph - Company H, Twenty-seventh Wisconsin Infantry
    • VINTON, W. F. - Company G, One Hundred and Fifty-fourth New York Infantry
    • WAGGONER, J. H. - Company E, Second Wisconsin Cavalry
    • WASHBURN, S. U. - Company H, One Hundred and Fourth Ohio Infantry
    • WILCOX, Ephram - Company C, Eighth Wisconsin Infantry
    • WILLARD, Wales H.  - Company B, Sixty-eighth New York N. G.
    • WILLIAMSON, Samuel - Company (unknown), seaman United States steamship "Wabash"
    • WILSON, A. U. - Company F, First Pennsylvania Cavalry
    • WITHERS, George M. - Company D, One Hundred and Fourth Ohio Infantry
    • WOOLEY, G. H. - Company D, Ninth New York Cavalry
    • WYMAN, R. H. - Company G, One Hundred and Second New York Infantry

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